Foot Palace – Athens Massage Spa

The City of Athens Ga is home to the University of Georgia campus with its more than 37,000 students, a bustling economy, eclectic nightlife, and festivals & activities for every age. In a city like Athens that is always in motion, stress levels and anxiety can soar. That brings us to Foot Palace Massage Spa Athens. Located at 1720 Epps Bridge Pkwy Ste 106 Athens, GA 30606, the Foot Palace team specializes in reflexology services to help you relax and rebalance.

Reflexology massage spa in Athens Ga

Who is Foot Palace Spa Athens and What Do They Do?

Foot Palace is a one-of-a-kind day spa founded in late 2015 in the City of Athens Ga. Since their opening, this team of wellness professionals has helped countless clients destress with soothing massages, spa and reflexology services.

No matter what your work week has thrown at you, how hard your coach has pushed you, or how rowdy the kids have been, the massage experts at Foot Palace will treat you like royalty from the time you arrive until the time you depart.

The Foot Palace team also frequently blogs about various health and wellness topics. Click to visit their blog.

As the Foot Palace team would say:

“Let us soothe your soles”
“Your feet carry you through life, do them a favor and allow us to melt the stress, aches, and pains away through reflexology massage. Come kick your feet up and relax in a state of tranquility while rebalancing your body from the inside out.”

What Are the Greatest Benefits for Foot Palace Customers?

Foot Palace professionals use a therapeutic method of massage called reflexology which relieves stress, tension, and discomfort. The following are just a few of the results of this method:

  • Improved Nerve Function
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Deeper Relaxation
  • Nervous System Stimulation
  • Migraine and Headache Relief

Through their incredible care and attention to their client’s needs, Foot Palace has garnered top reviews across all of the major review sites. But don’t take our word for it:

Brittany I. – 5 Stars: “I stopped by Foot Palace to try and relax during the holiday season.  The interior is warm, yet modern, and my massage therapist was incredibly attentive!  I came in overwhelmed and stressed, and left relaxed and calm.  I purchased an aromatic herb scented neck warmer for when the stress of staring at a computer all day is too much to bare and life is too busy to stop in!”

Sheeva E. – 5 Stars: “Can’t complain about this place. Just left and it was my first time there. Very relaxing and great service. I’ll be back again soon. I got the reflexology package: $35 for an hour. Can’t beat that price!”

Reflexology Massage is a Foot Palace Specialty

Much more than a hand or foot massage, reflexology relieves stress and tension by stimulating the pressure points found in both the hands and feet.

This Foot Palace specialty utilizes ancient pressure point maps. Those maps of the hands and feet specifically relate to bodily organs and the nervous system. This physical therapy technique increases blood and energy flow and stimulates the nervous system.

Thus, reflexology applied by your Foot Palace Professionals is effective in alleviating the sources of illness, pain, and potential debility.

Foot Palace opens 7 days a week and offers 30, 60, and 90-minute packages for individuals, groups, and couples massages in Athens Ga and now in Braselton Ga too.

Watch this video to learn more of their services.

Community Involvement and Social Contribution

Athens native Park Harris and siblings Von and Jinx Ditthavong (both residents of Oconee County for nearly 30 years) are the owners of Foot Palace and believe in contributing to their community. Von currently volunteers as a mentor to middle and high school girls.

Foot Palace actively engages in its surrounding community by donating gift certificates to charitable organizations, hosting spa days for ESP (Extra Special People) and their moms, and sponsoring many Chamber of Commerce events in Oconee and Clarke counties.

For further information, contact them directly:

Foot Palace
1720 Epps Bridge Pkwy Ste 106 Athens, GA 30606
(706) 521-5290

Connect with Foot Palace on social media:

Inside the Industry with Foot Palace

The ancient practice of reflexology has recently benefited from a surge in popularity as a modern holistic therapy used to relieve pain and stress. Even with this gain in popularity, there is still some confusion as to what reflexology actually does. Let’s shed some more light on the subject.

For several millennia, reflexology practitioners have used reflexology to re-balance a person’s “Qi” (life force flowing through energy channels within the body) to treat numerous conditions. It can be applied in conjunction with conventional medicine to promote healing while improving one’s well-being.

Reflexology can boost poor circulation and is effective in treating stress, anxiety, headache, migraine, poor digestion, back pain, respiratory problems, asthma, bladder problems, and more. For these benefits alone, it is worth the effort to carve out a regular space in your busy agenda and decompress.



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